You wish to be successful and at the same time have time for what you


My job is to help you to achieve that.

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Katarina Kulhava - webdesign a brand, fotografie

Why to choose me for your project?

In order for your website to radiate your soul and uniqueness, you need a web developer who cares about you. Someone who is interested in your brand, your core clients, your business goals. A webmaster with a background in marketing, graphics and UX.

A webmaster who understands you and shares the same values.

In order for me to understand you, we will start with quality preparation, by filling out a questionnaire where you will tell me a lot about yourself. On this information I build your unique and strategic website that will present the best version of you, your genius.

You as the icon and soul of your website

Katarina Kulhava - webdesign a brand, fo

I am a technical, pragmatic person with an overlap into spirituality, who enjoys the graphics and visual side of everything.

I have enjoyed photography since I was a teenager, and during my 3-year stay in the US, I took a professional photographer course at the NEW YORK INSTITUTE OF PHOTOGRAPHY.

A job that did not fulfill me led me to decide to do a webmaster course in 2016. Nevertheless, I then set out to become a yoga instructor.

The pandemic set everything in motion and forced us all to reevaluate our lives.

That’s why I brushed up on my knowledge, added marketing and branding courses from great instructors, and ventured into the online world, where I create websites in line with your values.


when I’m not at the computer

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Katarína Kulhavá

Katarina Kulhava - webdesign a brand, fo