What my CORE clients said about our cooperation

Katarina Kulhava - webdesign a brand, fo

I needed a website to launch my copywriting business. I had already decided to do it myself. I had “everything” thought out – texts, fonts, colors, logo, purchased domain and hosting… What a big mistake that would be! I’d probably be sitting on it right now.

Fortunately, while looking for inspiration, I came across a website that immediately appealed to me with its freshness and lightness. The link in the footer took me to Katarina’s website and I immediately changed my determination to “do it myself” to the determination that Katka has to do it.

Within two days, I explained my vision to Katka on Zoom. She devoted most of her time to understanding who I am, what my mission is, and how to put my personality into the new website in order to attract the right clients. Then I just put my feet on the table and went about my business, while Katka put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

We consulted and adjusted continuously, and in front of my eyes, within a month, Katka created a bilingual website that I fell in love with. I can now proudly present my business on my own platform. I recommend Katka to my friends and clients and I believe that our cooperation is far from over.

Teny Vichová

copywriter & storyteller, www.tenytales.com

I had an exact idea of ​​colors and to create a playful website for adults, but captured through the eyes of children. I knew it would be very good, and when I opened the first shot of the website, my chin dropped, I’m not kidding.
In one word, WOW. Katarina fulfilled my idea of ​​a simple website in a combination of green and yellow and much more, she added subtle elements and above all she captured the feel, the idea and the joy that I give to the world through the forest. Not only that I look at the website with enthusiasm, but the individual parts of the project are much easier to put together thanks to the website.
Katarina, thank you once again for your great work.

Iva Smutková

Experiential and educational programs, www.lesobjevovani.cz

Hello Katarína, wow – this is my website. That’s really beautiful. I didn’t even imagine it like this (my imagination wasn’t even enough for that).
You sensed exactly who I am and what I want. What’s more, you helped me polish the gem I’m wearing. And the opportunity to show it to others.
Thank you for your sensitivity and support, which accompanies our entire cooperation.

Alena Žilová Rašovská

massage therapist, www.skvelemasaze.cz

Neat, gentle, minimalistic and you should sense the feeling of care and trust – this is how the redesigned website www.petravickova.cz should have been. I contacted Katka, who fulfilled my idea to the last detail. In addition to the perfectly designed pages, she helped me fine-tune the brand colors and created the logo. I appreciate how she promptly guided me through all the changes in connecting all kinds of systems. And with the greatest joy, I handed her over the backup and updating of the website. Thank you for the comprehensive service, careful approach and I look forward to seeing how the website will run under her supervision.

Petra Vicková

copywriter, www.petravickova.cz

Thank you Katarína for a neat and minimalistic website, which is according to my ideas. Thank you for the very quick communication and really pleasant cooperation, to which I will definitely return with Katarína.

Romana Vrzalová

photographer, www.romanavrzalova.com

Thank you for the new authentic and professional look of my website and the beautiful photos on it! And how did I get to him?
After two years of my layman’s efforts to fine-tune my personal website to perfection, I am really very happy that I met Katka and agreed to redesign it with her.
As a professional, she immediately started creating it, suggested several color variants and website structures. It was obvious from her work that she knows what she is doing..
As life goes, it wasn’t an easy process and we both probably realized that transforming something old into something new is much more challenging than creating something new from scratch, but if we don’t give up after the first failure and the first technical problems, something even more beautiful and interesting can be created on the second try!
And this is exactly how my new website was “born”.
Katka, thank you once again and I wish you many more satisfied clients.
Diana Laurichová

coach & aero&fly yoga teacher, www.dianalaurichova.cz

Katka caught my eye in the catalog of businesswomen with her naturalness. I wanted great photos for the website, but nothing too contrived, official. And I wanted to enjoy it, treat myself to the whole professional photo shoot. And with Katka, it was just fine, relaxed and even playful. I really enjoyed the whole day and I have a lot of beautiful photos, Katka processed them quickly and according to my wishes. I am already thinking about the next opportunity to order her services.

Jana Kučerová

psychotherapist, www.podkrovy.cz

It was a planned quick action, where in the end nothing went as planned.
The rain was beating against the windows, the studio had a blinding light (a photographer’s nightmare), and we could forget about the planned photo shoot in the spring nature.
Nevertheless, Katarína, who took our photos, couldn’t keep a smile off her face during the entire photo shoot (really, I swear!).
In the final, he managed a masterful piece and we are incredibly satisfied. She captured us and the essence of LA SCHOLA perfectly.
Ludmila Hoosová

Business academy for self-confident women, www.laschola.cz

I am excited about the whole collaboration! Katarina and I first had a consultation, where we discussed everything from the spaces where I would like to take photos, to clothes and, most importantly the layout of the photos. On which side of the photo will I be, where will the text be, in which direction will I be looking, etc. etc. Katarína helped me choose the perfect place, or rather sent me a few suggestions and I chose the perfect one for me. We consulted together on properties that would be nice to take with you, clothes to wear, make up or no make up, (I didn’t need a make-up artist, I managed it myself, but she offers that too), shoes – no shoes (I love barefoot, so the choice was clear ), and other little things, thanks to which we fine-tuned each photo so that it perfectly reflected my personality, my brand and fit into the websites perfectly. Judge for yourself… before there were photos from the template, the website was fine, but a bit soulless. Now? It’s just divine and I’m thrilled. Every page breathes ME and MY BRAND. I am really excited and highly recommend Katarína.
Monika Boušková

web administration and e-mailing, www.monikabouskova.cz

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